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Shana's 12 Days of Christmas!

It's The Season of Giving!

Thanks for joining in on the fun!

The 12 Days of Christmas just might be back next year!
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Happy Season of Giving!

Christmas Gift
Hi there!
I'm Shana, creator of Low Insulin Academy and host of the Fast To Heal Stories podcast, and I'm so excited to offer you my 12 Days of Christmas Season of Giving.
Helping people reverse chronic disease and restore blood sugar regulation at its root cause with sustainable strategies is my jam!
I offer digital courses, downloads, webinars, and non-conventional live trainings to help you overcome cravings, weight loss resistance, and blood sugar issues, so you can experience stable energy and true food freedom.
Be sure to bookmark this page and set aside time each day to grab my daily deals! I know they will impact your health and energy in 2024 and far beyond.
Wishing you a truly extraordinary holiday season.
Shana Hussin, RDN
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