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I know how frustrating it is to follow the standard guidelines of "eat less and move more", and still not see the progress you deserve!


I'll help you learn strategies that actually work, and heal hormone imbalances through eating real food at the proper times.

I have a variety of products, programs, and resources designed for you to learn at your own pace. Stop weight cycling, reverse insulin resistance and balance blood sugar for good!

Life-Changing Courses

10-Day FTH Jumpstart FB Post.jpg
10-Day Low-Insulin Jumpstart

New to time-restricted eating and a low-carb lifestyle? My jumpstart is the PERFECT way to begin! Work on 1 new strategy a day for 10 days. Complete with daily videos and emails in a secure learning portal. Lifetime access!

LIA Artwork ONLINE.jpg

My signature insulin resistance reversal and weight loss program includes 6 self-paced learning modules with over 20 hours of education, on demand, with lifetime access! Free mini Zoom session included.

Master Your Metabolism (1).jpg
Metabolic Makeover

An excellent way to get started with a low-insulin lifestyle and start naturally reversing insulin resistance and burning stored fat. Includes my best digital downloads and 3 clear and direct video lessons with  instant, lifetime access.

LIA Artwork LIVE.jpg

My signature insulin resistance reversal course with all the online content PLUS weekly LIVE coaching calls with Shana and the support system with a group. This 8-week course is run LIVE 3-4 times/year. Free Mini Zoom session included.

Mealtime Mastery Artwork updated.jpg
Mealtime Mastery

This self-paced, online program is for anyone wanting to nail nutrition, with emphasis on what and when to eat, in what order, avoiding binging and reducing cravings. For fasters and non-fasters who never want to question their nutrition again!


Free Resouces
Free Guides Cover.jpg
Free Starting Guides

Grab my 28-day reversing insulin resistance task calendar and starting guide to begin normalizing hormones!

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Listen to inspiring Fast To Heal Stories, a Top 25 nutrition podcast! Healing stories, expert guests, and special hot topics give you hours of FREE education to learn!

FREE masterclass (2).jpg

Learn the physical signs of insulin resistance, accurate lab testing, and how to start reversing it.

Complete protein guide.png
Protein Guide

Read my blog posts to learn more about Fast To Heal and how my unconventional nutrition therapies work. They are especially helpful for those struggling with chronic issues.

Support Group
Support Group

There's nothing like the power of community to get you through your journey of weight loss and healing.

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Carb Recommendations

Carbs matter when it comes to lowering insulin. Learn which amount of carbs are appropriate for your lifestyle, and which are the healthiest to focus on!

Digital Downloads

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Fast To Heal: A 5-Step Guide

To Achieving Nutritional PEACE Digital Book.


editions also available.

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The Companion to the

Fast To Heal Digital Book that helps you stay accountable, achieve your goals, and work through your struggles.

Audiobook Mockup.jpg

Fast To Heal: A 5-Step Guide

To Achieving Nutritional PEACE and Reversing Insulin Resistance Audiobook. Listen on the go or while you exercise!

BONUS! 10 Blood Sugar Hacks (1280 × 960 px).jpg

Learn 10 amazing hacks to lower glucose and insulin response, while stabilizing energy over the course of the day. Appropriate for the entire family!

Whole Food Recipes for a Low-Carb Lifestyle!.jpg

85 whole food, low-carb recipes to support your healthy lifestyle! Lunch, dinner, low-carb sweet treats, appetizers, side dishes, and dressings are all included!


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