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I know how frustrating it is to follow the standard guidelines of "eat less and move more", and still not see the progress you deserve.


It's not your fault.

You were taught wrong, and so was I.

You  can learn about my unconventional and natural approaches through a variety of products, programs, and services and be on your way to a healthier lifestyle TODAY!

Self-Guided Products

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Digital Book

Fast To Heal: A 5-Step Guide

To Achieving Nutritional PEACE Digital Book.


editions also available.

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Digital Workbook

The Companion to the

Fast To Heal Digital Book that helps you stay accountable, achieve your goals, and work through your struggles.


Fast To Heal: A 5-Step Guide

To Achieving Nutritional PEACE and Reversing Insulin Resistance Audiobook

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Digital Bundle

Fast To Heal Digital Book & Workbook, Audiobook, Introductory Webinar, and Guide to Intermittent Fasting

(a value of $53.80)


Fast To Heal

Introductory Webinar:

Getting started with an intermittent fasting lifestyle

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Online Course

Everything you want to learn about intermittent fasting: the different types of fasting, what to do when you aren't seeing progress, how to break an extended fast, and more!


Pricing TBD

Valuable Free Resources

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Free Guides

Get two digital guides that will help you learn the concepts necessary for sustainable weight loss and healing.

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Listen to inspiring Fast To Heal Stories! These amazing people healed themselves by adapting intermittent fasting and implementing my nutritional therapies.


My recipes use clean ingredients that provide fullness and satiety, avoiding ingredients that drive obesity. 

Healthy Blog

Read my blog posts to learn more about Fast To Heal and how my unconventional nutrition therapies work. They are especially helpful for those struggling with chronic issues.

Support Group
Support Group

There's nothing like the power of community to get you through your journey of weight loss and healing.


Life-Changing Programs

10-Day Jumpstart

This self-paced, individual program is for anyone who wants to get a jumpstart on weight loss and healthy living. You can start at any time!

28-Day Challenge

This group challenge will help you find sustainable weight loss, improve your health, and achieve Nutritional PEACE in JUST 28 days!

Ambassador Program

Get paid to promote and sell Fast To Heal products and services, while improving the health of your friends and loved ones!