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Master Your Blood Sugar!

"10 Hacks to Manage Blood Sugar Spikes and Stabilize Energy"

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Are you hungry all the time?

Have you been told you have hypoglycemia?

Do you have known blood sugar issues?


Being on a blood sugar roller coaster every day is no fun, as it leads to symptoms of:

  • Hunger

  • Cravings

  • Energy Crashes

  • Sleepiness

  • Shakiness

  • Inability to focus

  • Being downright HANGRY!

These symptoms can be completely avoided when you know when to eat, what to eat, and in what order!


Set your blood sugar tone for the ENTIRE day by knowing exactly what to eat when you break your fast for the day!

You are NOT beyond hope, and your body is not broken!

You just need the proper guidance and knowledge.

Learn 10 applicable blood sugar hacks that are inexpensive, applicable, and manageable for the ENTIRE family!

Join my students who have already implemented many hacks to stabilize energy and blood sugar!

Image by Austin Wade

What's Included?

  • An hour long, pre-recorded masterclass in a secure learning portal that you get LIFETIME access to. Watch it as many times as you like!

  • PDF download of 10 hacks to implement for stable blood sugar and energy

  • Multiple PDF downloads to help you implement a low-insulin and low-carb lifestyle approach for optimal health and effortless weight management

  • Recommendations and discount codes for my favorite products that I endorse for achieving stable energy and a low-insulin lifestyle


Hi There!


I'm Shana Hussin and I nerd out on nutrition, physiology, and how different foods heal us or make us sick.

After seeing little to no results in clients I coached, and questioning why I had my own nagging health issues despite doing everything "right", I left the conventional nutrition field to seek out my own answers.

Now I successfully help people reverse insulin resistance and stubborn weight issues, find food freedom, reduce medications, and avoid common and treatable lifestyle diseases.

I love teaching others how to achieve a healthy hormonal balance, optimize stable blood sugar, and finally get to a place where they can feel confident in choosing foods that make them feel their BEST!

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