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Your body isn't

You are not destined to battle your weight, develop diabetes, or struggle with your health until you are no longer here.

Where should you start?


My affordable programs are designed to help you implement a low-insulin lifestyle, so you can burn fat, stabilize blood sugar, and maintain your weight sustainably. It's that simple!

My 10-Day Low Insulin Jumpstart is an EXCELLENT place to begin if you are new to this lifestyle! You will receive 10 tasks to complete over 10 days with daily emails and video lessons.

Metabolic Makeover is my starter course designed to help you transition from a sugar burner to a fat burner. Get immediate access to 3 self-paced video lessons to help you start implementing the most potent strategies to reverse insulin resistance. Included is my book and workbook, accountability calendar, low-carb resources, and fat fasting guide!

Mealtime Mastery is my spotlight course which helps you really nail your nutrition while in your eating window. What to eat, how to avoid binging, and conquering cravings are at the core of this course. 

Low Insulin Academy is my highest level signature course, teaching you everything you need to know to reverse insulin resistance, stimulate weight loss and stabilize blood sugars. Included are 6 learning modules broken down into 36+ applicable lessons. In addition to the lessons, digital downloads, a closed support group, PDF's, and so much more. Reverse your obesity, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, pre-diabetes, and PCOS. Low Insulin Academy is offered as a on-demand course with immediate access to self-paced online content, or LIVE with Shana (CURRENTLY CLOSED), which includes 8 weeks of group coaching. You may get started RIGHT AWAY with the on-demand course only!


Follow-Up Mini Sessions are offered to anyone who has gone through any of Shana's courses. Mini sessions are 20-minute Zoom sessions, providing extra guidance and accountability.

It doesn't matter where you live, we experience the same struggles and can connect! I have the great honor of working with people from all over the world, and would love to work with you too.

10-Day Low-Insulin Jumpstart
(Daily Video Lessons)


Let's Get You Started!


My 10-Day Hormone Healing Jumpstart program is an EXCELLENT place to start if you are new to intermittent fasting and adapting a low-carb lifestyle. When you enroll, you receive a 10-day calendar with one strategy to work on each day. Daily emails and videos include!


(Starter Course)


Implement the Basics!


This course will help you start reversing insulin resistance TODAY. 3 self-paced lessons will help you find YOUR fasting and carb levels, and teach you to bust through weight stalls. Downloads include my Fast To Heal book, course workbook, and 4 BONUS Low-Carb resources.

Low Insulin Academy- On-Demand
(Signature Course)


Payment plan available

All you need to know to reverse insulin resistance for GOOD! Safely implement intermittent fasting, fill your diet with nourishing and satiating foods, work through stalls, and MORE! Includes 6 self-paced online modules, 32 lessons, tons of downloads, and MORE! 

Follow-Up Mini

(20-Minute Zoom Session)


Extra Accountability

Mini sessions with Shana are open monthly to anyone who has enrolled in any of her courses, or received a personalized protocol. After you enroll in a course or purchase a personalized protocol, you will receive a code to use at checkout when scheduling your mini session.

10 Hacks to Manage Blood Sugar Spikes and Stabilize Energy


1- Hour Masterclass

Learn 10 applicable blood sugar hacks that are inexpensive, applicable, and manageable for the ENTIRE family! Helpful for those struggling with hypoglycemia and blood sugar issues. Includes 1 hour masterclass, PDF downloads, Fast To Heal book download,


(Spotlight Course)


Immediate Access

When I poll my students about what they are struggle the most with, it is the eating window after finishing a fast. This online course addresses how to correctly balance your nutrition for lasting satiety, what to do to avoid cravings, and strategies to help avoid binging.

Low Insulin Academy- LIVE with Group Coaching


Payment plan available

Everything included with the online course PLUS 8 weeks of LIVE group coaching sessions with Shana! You have LIFETIME ACCESS to all lessons, coaching sessions, and bonuses. This is only open a few times a year, so make sure to get on the waitlist for the next LIVE session!


LIA Course

(15-Minute Zoom Session)


Explore the Course

Questions about Low Insulin Academy and whether it is the right course for you? Schedule a free 15-minute Zoom meeting to discuss this and other available resources. We can find the perfect solution for you to reverse your insulin resistance and restore metabolic health!

Let's Work Together!


I Can Help You Heal!

Get guidance from one of the best in the field! I use science-based nutrition therapy tailored to your lifestyle to help you regain hormonal balance and health. The 2 proves strategies I teach are fasting/timed eating, and therapeutic carb restriction. I help you implement a low-insulin lifestyle without supplements, obsessive counting, or special foods, so your body can heal and THRIVE.

In addition to being a registered dietitian nutritionist, I am the author of Fast To Heal, A 5-Step Guide to Achieving Nutritional PEACE that was the #1 New Best Seller in Nutrition Therapy in its first week on Amazon.

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