About Shana and Fast to Heal

Shana Hussin, RDN, worked as a nutrition therapist for 15 years in conventional medicine prior to her son falling ill with a severe and chronic digestive disorder in 2016. Upon diagnosis, Shana was told by several doctors nutrition had no bearing on his illness, and he would need lifelong medications to manage his debilitating symptoms.

Shana began searching for the root cause of many chronic disease states, and left work in conventional medicine. Through relentless research and trial and error, she healed her son using an unconventional therapy.  Throughout the process, Shana gained extensive knowledge in holistic health and natural healing approaches, including the hormonal key to burning fat rather than storing it. If obesity and diseases stemming from insulin resistance can be traced to a cause which is nutritional, then they can be reversed!

Intermittent Fasting (Time-Restricted Eating)

While researching natural approaches to healing chronic metabolic diseases and obesity, Shana discovered the fascinating and timeless healing powers of intermittent fasting. By studying the work of Dr. Jason Fung, MD, she learned as much as she possibly could about fasting and how to implement it successfully for her clients.

Shana has worked with many people to help them lose weight and improve their health. Most have suffered from chronic obesity and related health challenges for decades. All have tried countless strategies and programs to lose weight with no long-term success.  Clients who implement Shana's strategies most often experience weight loss and countless noticeable non-scale victories. Clothes fit better, aches and pains go away, digestive issues resolve, energy and motivation improve, autoimmune issues vanish, blood pressure and resting pulse decrease, mental acuity sharpens, sleep improves and an overall sense of control is experienced.

Shana has witnessed many previously struggling with binge eating and emotional eating adapt normalized eating patterns after implementing time-restricted eating. Their decades long negative relationship with food becomes positive and healthy.

Best of all, clients are noticeably happier, with renewed hope their bodies can heal!

As a practitioner, Shana felt it her calling to bring these unconventional nutritional therapies to light, and Fast to Heal was born. Using her signature Nutritional PEACE program, she has developed a step by step, natural process for people to gain their health back. Restoring hope and health to those she educates is a rewarding gift she has been honored with.


Best of all, no special foods or supplements are necessary to implement her program. The only thing you count are the pounds of weight you lose! You learn how to manage your weight and nutrition for life.

Shana has practiced intermittent fasting herself for many months. In her own life, she has seen her chronic bloating resolve and energy improve. Painful canker sores that plagued her for 11 years cleared after only 3 months of intermittent fasting. Although weight was not an issue when she started, she did lose those last annoying pounds and feels the healthiest she ever has!

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