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Grey Limbo
Let me guess...
You have tried endless diets, supplements, strategies, pills, lifestyle changes, and programs to lose weight and avoid chronic illness, but still find yourself struggling, correct?
I know you are frustrated!



You see, the standard guidelines are flawed, and I will help you learn the truth. My innovative nutrition therapies help reverse the diseases of insulin resistance, including:

  • Obesity and Weight Cycling

  • Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

  • Metabolic Illness and Heart Disease

What if I told you it's NOT YOUR FAULT?

Hi There!

I'm Shana Hussin, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

& Intermittent Fasting Expert

I have worked in the nutrition field for over 20 years. Like most dietitians, I recommended strategies that failed my clients long-term for most of my professional career. In recent years, I have found that most conventional nutrition guidelines do little to heal underlying hormonal drivers of chronic illness. 

Most importantly, I have learned that nutrition cannot be "standardized" for everyone, as we are all so unique. Nutrition must be personalized depending on a person's health, current lifestyle, and goals.

The approaches and concepts I now teach help reverse obesity and insulin resistance with unconventional nutritional therapies of intermittent fasting, balancing food intake and eliminating foods that drive obesity. 


Best of all this is done without supplements, special foods, or counting!


Chris Caires, PhD

Solvasa President

February 2021

Michelle Hurn, RD

Author of 

The Dietitian's Dilemma

February 2021

Jimmy Moore

New York Times Best Selling Author of The Complete Guide To Fasting

March 2021


with Industry Leaders


Transformation Tuesday

February 2021


Article Contribution

February 2021



August 2020


Article Contribution

March 2021


and Other Media


There Are Many Ways I Can Help!

Choose Your Level of Intervention.

I offer free resources, educational products, group challenges, self-paced programs, and personalized nutrition therapy.

Finding Nutritional PEACE Program with Group Coaching

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Personalized Nutrition Services

In less than five decades, a majority of Americans have grown sick and fat! Most try, but few succeed with permanent weight loss or healing, despite following standard guidelines to eat less, lower fat intake, and move more.

What is going on?

The truth is, we have been taught nutrition and lifestyle concepts that do little to promote overall wellness. In fact, they do just the opposite. Intermittent fasting, along with focusing on foods that provide satiety, heal underlying hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is at the root cause of much chronic disease. My teachings center around how to become insulin sensitive again, by using natural therapies that are the oldest known to man! 

Don't be intimidated by intermittent fasting. If implemented correctly, it is a very powerful tool and nutrition therapy that can help you achieve and maintain your weight and health goals. I help you gradually implement the concepts of fasting AND feasting, so you can live the life you deserve and have always dreamed about!

You don't need to... 

  • Count calories 

  • Take endless supplements

  • Eat special foods

You can and will find nutritional PEACE by learning hormonal balance.

“In October 2019 I started working with Shana and have had tremendous success. I have learned the truth about WHY I couldn't keep the weight off...”

- Laurie

“Truly, I feel like I met my goals AND THEN SOME by day 2 [of the program]. Fasting was the missing link I needed. [...] I don't remember ever feeling this good!”

- Jeni

“My husband told me it was time to contact Shana. That was the best decision I could have made. [...] This way of life has been a game changer for me.”

- Heather

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Fast To Heal

A 5-Step Guide To Achieving Nutritional PEACE

After two decades of modest long-term weight loss and overall progress with clients, I knew there had to be better approaches to help people heal, and lose weight for good. 

My book, Fast To Heal, is available as a digital download, and reveals a fresh breath of nutritional truth, giving both patient and practitioner the confidence to recover health.

The Paperback and Kindle versions may be purchased on Amazon. Read the amazing reviews or buy the paperback HERE!

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I offer weekly recipes, an inspiring podcast, a weekly blog, and a closed online support group that I moderate myself. My mission is to get sound nutritional concepts out to as many as possible, so I offer many valuable resources to you FOR FREE!

My recipes use clean ingredients that provide fullness and satiety, rather than processed ingredients that drive obesity. We have 3 kids and a busy household, so most recipes are easy to prepare in a timely manner.

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