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Reversing insulin resistance and maintaining a low-insulin lifestyle just got a little bit easier...




STOP HERE if Any of  This Sounds Familiar...
  • You have a ton of health and nutrition education in that pretty little head of yours, but you need additional support and accountability to follow through on strategies that you know work
  • You have metabolic illness such as chronic obesity, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, PCOS, heart disease, or fatty liver and you want to come off medications or reverse it, but your medical team lacks the knowledge or resources to help you 
  • You lack the ability to work through your weight and health struggles with a nutrition professional who is impartial to biased nutrition information
  • You like the concepts of intermittent fasting and therapeutic carb restriction, but lack direction around how to proceed, or need a community to help you push through your own personal barriers

If it does, then you already know how difficult it is to find proper nutritional guidance and support

This is what inspired me to build my membership community...
I was fed up with well-meaning students not having the support they needed to maintain healthful habits and learn the truth about proper nutrition, thanks to:
  • Decades-old nutritional dogma that actually makes people sicker and fatter, rather than helping them heal and recover their health
  • Uneducated health professionals and influencers who have no proper education in the areas of truthful nutrition, insulin resistance, and hormone balance 
  • Food and supplement companies just trying to make a buck on selling their products who do not care about your health in the long run
Let's put that all behind you!

Introducing... FAST TRACK
A Low-Insulin Lifestyle Membership Community


FAST TRACK is packed with all the resources and perks you need to keep yourself on track, learn cutting edge fasting and nutrition strategies, and stay accountable from month to month.

PLUS the community support you need to ensure your health reaches its fullest potential.

What's Inside FAST TRACK?
See for yourself!

Watch this 3-minute video to take a peak inside...

Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

Monthly LIVE Learning Lessons With Q&A

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Monthly Mini Personalized Sessions 

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Supported and Planned Group Fasts

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 Recipes To Support Your Low-Carb Lifestyle

All Members Get Access To:

  • Monthly LIVE Lessons on a specific topic with Q&A session (advanced and beginner)


  • OFFICE HOURS with Shana, allowing you to schedule a mini personalized session each month


  • Monthly Healing Recipes supporting your low-carb diet

  • Supported and planned group fasts (24 hours+)

  • Downloads, PDF's, and Worksheets to support your learning

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What Makes FAST TRACK Different?

Sign me up!

Hi There!


I'm Shana Hussin and I nerd out on nutrition, physiology, and how different foods heal us or make us sick.

After seeing little to no results in clients I coached, and questioning why I had my own nagging health issues despite doing everything "right", I left the conventional nutrition field to seek out my own answers.

Now I successfully help people find food freedom, reduce medications, and avoid common and treatable lifestyle diseases.

My super powers include teaching others how to achieve a healthy hormonal balance and food freedom, and finally get to a place where they can feel confident in choosing foods that make them feel their BEST!

Lydia B&A FINAL.png

What my students are saying...

"I struggled with my weight and mental instability for most of my life... until I met with Shana. Within a few days I felt better implementing her suggestions. I have maintained a 40-pound weight loss and no longer struggle with ADHD. My digestion has improved and I feel I can maintain this lifestyle long-term."

- Lydia M.

How will this help YOU??

      LEARN how to heal insulin resistance, which is at the base root cause of most stubborn obesity, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, most fatty liver, and other lifestyle issues stemming from metabolic illness.

      STAY ON TRACK with what you learn and implement from Shana regarding timed eating and therapeutic carb restriction.

      SHARE successes, wins, battles, and frustrations with a supportive community with the SAME GOALS as you!

      GET HELP from one of the best in the field in the area of unbiased nutrition information, metabolic health, and balancing hormones!

Who This Membership is For:

  • Those who are fed up with standard lifestyle recommendations that only make them sicker

  • Those who need extra support and accountability to maintain strategies they have implemented

  • Those who realize that optimal health takes time, patience, and commitment

  • Those who want extra touches and guidance from a nutrition professional who is unbiased and will help fix the root cause of lifestyle issues

  • Those who would like to come off medications and live a simpler life

Who It Is NOT For:

  • Those looking for a quick fix or pill to pop to reverse lifestyle disease

  • Those expecting guaranteed results without putting any work in or changing their lifestyle

  • Those who are not willing to try new strategies or push themselves out of their comfort zones

  • Those looking for a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, health, and wellness

  • Those who are not open to trying unconventional nutrition therapies 

Jeni is in better health in her 40's than her 30's and even 20's... this can be you too!

Jeni B&A FINAL.png

You deserve to feel supported!

No one likes to make changes and implement new strategies on their own. Join a community on the same health path as you!

Access to lessons in easy-to-use portal

Each month a new topic is introduced, recorded, and uploaded into your portal. You have easy access to the most-up-to date nutrition information that will help you achieve the results you deserve.

Live lessons, Q&A's and office hours 

Access all your lessons, Q&A sessions, downloads, PDF's, and workbooks in one learning portal. Schedule your mini sessions with Shana in the same place with one easy login.

Supportive community of peers

Get support from peers working toward the same goals as you. Ask questions, learn strategies from others, and hear inspiring stories from fellow members.

Underwear Models

I know you wish you could snap your fingers and find yourself at a healthy weight, free of disease— especially now, with so many other things to worry about…

If you're feeling overwhelmed with the uncertainty of the world right now, and what it means for your health, you’re not alone…

I wholeheartedly believe that there has never been a more important time to be proactive in taking control of your weight and health, and I don't want you to look back wondering how your health would have been if you had you healed your hormone imbalances. I want you to feel proud of yourself for learning how to treat the root cause of weight cycling and insulin resistance.

I want you to look back on your health, and in a few short months to years, thank yourself for the decision you made today.

Have a question about my FAST TRACK Membership Academy?
Email me at

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