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3 Weight Loss Secrets to Implement in 2023!

Weight loss guidance handed down to us for the past 50 years has failed miserably... let's learn a sustainable way to burn extra body fat with new approaches in 2023!


Tues, Jan 3, 7 PM CST

Tues, Jan 10, 10 AM CST

Wed, Jan 11, 12 PM CST


Hosted by Shana Hussin, RDN

Shana is an integrative dietitian and  has worked in the nutrition field for well over 20 years. She specializes in resolving stubborn weight and health issues by reversing insulin resistance and helping students implement a low-insulin lifestyle.

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Don't Miss Out! 
In One Hour You'll Learn:

What my students say...


  A Note From Shana...  

You're looking at a nutrition professional who recommended standard guidelines for almost 15 years, without much progress seen in clients.

I wish I'd known then what I know now in terms of weight management, blood sugar regulation, and resolving and preventing lifestyle issues with nutrition.

2 decades later, I have a book, several online courses, a podcast, personalized protocols, and thousands of students turning their health around through simple and effective nutritional changes.

My mission today is to teach YOU how to do the same. There is never a "perfect" time to put yourself first, but if you do, you can FINALLY take control of your nutrition, body, mind, and spirit.

Can't wait to see you inside!



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