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Main Health Issue: 


Strategies Implemented: 

Decreased sugars and processed foods, intermittent fasting 15-18 hours daily

Like many high school teenagers, Paige started struggling with acne around the age of 13. Her inflamed skin interfered with her self-confidence and caused constant worry. She tried several topical acne cleansers, toners, face masks, and moisturizers, but these over-the-counter treatments did little to improve the health of her skin.

Rather than disrupting the delicate balance of her skin with a prescribed acne medication, Paige agreed to work with Shana and implemented her recommended strategies. 

Within a few weeks her skin began to naturally heal.

Paige now feels more confident and enjoys the life of a happy teenager. Her nutrition strategies are flexible, allowing her those occasional splurges and treats.

Paige's main strategies were to decrease sugars and overall processed carbohydrates. She also increased healthy fats in her diet to nourish her skin from within and support hormone balance. She avoids eating after dinner and pushes her breakfast time back to mid-morning most days. This allows her body additional healing time. Paige finds this lifestyle works well for her as she usually doesn't feel hungry until later in the morning. She does not restrict calorie intake in any way and eats until she feels full during her eating window.

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