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 Personalized Protocols

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Do you have insulin resistance, stubborn weight issues, or blood sugar dysregulation, and wish someone would just tell you what to do to reverse it?

A low-insulin lifestyle can be tricky to implement, even if you find yourself to be motivated and well-educated.

I specialize in finding solutions to complicated weight and metabolic issues using REAL FOOD, therapeutic carb restriction, and timed eating.


Those struggling with long-term obesity, blood sugar dysregulation, and/or metabolic disease (prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver, high blood pressure, or heart disease) will deeply benefit from my guidance.

You are NOT beyond hope, and your body is not broken!

You just need the proper guidance and protocol.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

- Lau Tsu


  • Purchase your protocol

  • Fill in your New Client Intake Form, which includes your goals, health history, medications/supplements, and your current lifestyle

  • I provide you a 4-week fasting protocol with carb recommendations specific to YOU and your goals

  • Enjoy 3 weeks of email/text messaging follow-up

From there, you decide which program or solution will best meet your needs, or if you feel you need follow-up at all! I have many online programs and courses, some with individualized attention, and many that are self-paced.

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Purchase your 4-week personalized protocol 

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Complete your New Client Intake Form with provided link

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Receive your protocol by email within 3-5 business days

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What's Included?

  • 4- week personalized protocol,  which includes fasting/timed eating and therapeutic carb restriction recommendations, the 2 most potent strategies to reverse insulin resistance

  • Access to my practitioner-grade supplement database

  • Digital download of my best-selling book, Fast To Heal

  • Exercise recommendations

  • PDF's and downloads to help you adapt to a low-carb and low-insulin lifestyle

  • 3 weeks of text messaging/email follow-up to ensure you implement your protocol properly


Hi There!


I'm Shana Hussin and I nerd out on nutrition, physiology, and how different foods heal us or make us sick.

After seeing little to no results in clients I coached, and questioning why I had my own nagging health issues despite doing everything "right", I left the conventional nutrition field to seek out my own answers.

Now I successfully help people find food freedom, reduce medications, and avoid common and treatable lifestyle diseases.

My super powers include teaching others how to achieve a healthy hormonal balance and food freedom, and finally get to a place where they can feel confident in choosing foods that make them feel their BEST!

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