The 6 months prior to working with Shana, Jeni had been experiencing fatigue, sleep disturbances, acne which she had never had, and bloating. She was starting to gain a few pounds around her middle. She had never experienced weight issues in her life!


Here is more from Jeni:

Truly, I feel like I met my goals AND THEN SOME by day 2! I was already at a healthy weight when starting the program, exercised consistently, drank plenty of water and had a healthy diet and took high-quality vitamins, which worked my whole life until I turned 42 and peri-

menopause showed up as insomnia, acne on my neck and jawline, heavy periods, hot flashes and mood swings. Fasting was the "missing link" I needed to work with the good choices I was already making.


Below is a list of immediate improvements I noted:


Chronic inflammation in left side of neck is almost completely gone

More energy

Deeper and more relaxed breathing

Improved mental clarity and alertness

Clear skin

Sleeping much better

No hot flashes at night, actually back to warmer pajamas

Wake up refreshed and not groggy

Less aches/pains

Appreciate food more

Weight same BUT stomach flat and clothes looser

I don’t remember ever feeling this good!


My long-term goals are to continue fasting, incorporate eating fruit and veggies in season, gradually increase my my exposure to the sun to build up my vitamin D stores and to continue working on my sleep, which is already much better.