I began dabbling in intermittent fasting the summer of 2019, and implemented it regularly by the fall of 2019 because it made me feel so much better.

I work with several clients who implement extended fasts of several days on a regular basis for weight loss and healing. While I am not overweight, I've been wanting to try an extended fast for quite some time for the health benefits. Prior to last weekend, my longest fast to date was 24 hours, which I implement on a weekly basis.

I decided to try fasting from Maundy Thursday evening through Easter Sunday lunch, for a total of 65 hours. I was a little nervous about it, but ultimately knew I could finish. Once I set my mind on something I am pretty stubborn about following through!

Thursday Night

I finished dinner by 6:30 that night. We grilled hamburgers, which I eat wrapped in lettuce, organic boiled potatoes with butter, and a big salad with a variety of vegetables and shredded Parmesan. My dressing was a full-oil vinaigrette. Water to drink. I was plenty full that night! I very rarely eat after dinner, so that was not a problem.


I got up and went for a long nature hike, about 4 miles. I didn't want to do any activity that was too intense as I knew I wouldn't be eating for 2 more days. I usually run on the weekends, but chose not to this weekend.

Mornings are never much of a problem with me for fasting, but I did struggle from 2-7 with feeling hungry. I never felt unwell or that I couldn't go any longer, I was just hungry as usual. I kept busy working on my books and playing games with family. I struggled more with the mental aspect on Friday knowing I still couldn't eat for a long time. If the weather would have been nicer, the time would have passed quicker outside! I remember just wanting to go to bed so I could fast while asleep.

I did drink a diet soda that afternoon, which is very rare. I drank a lot of water and black unsweetened tea. At dinnertime I drank about 6 ounces of pickle juice, I couldn't believe how good it tasted! I craved the sodium. I made sure there were no color additives in it. I read for an hour and went to sleep by 10:30 or so. I slept fine and woke about 6:30.


Man, I was hungry, not gonna lie. I went on another 3-mile nature hike to clear my head and focus. Again, I never felt like I was unwell or I wouldn't make the 65 hours. The mental aspect of Saturday was better because I knew I could eat the next day. I had morning tea and lots of water. The biggest struggle was from 2-7 again, and being around family who were eating and drinking all day! I kept busy with work and watching movies. I drank more pickle juice around 6pm for the sodium, it didn't taste quite as good as it did Friday. I wanted FOOD! My daughter and I did our grocery shopping and errands that night to keep my mind occupied.

I could NOT fall asleep Saturday night, I knew to expect this. I laid awake until almost 2 am. That was one of the toughest things about the fast, because I just wanted to sleep so I could wake up and eat shortly thereafter.


Yay, I could eat in a few hours! I was awake by 6:15 so only slept 4 hours. I got up and started making Easter brunch. My kids found their Easter baskets and we listened to virtual church. At 11:30 I was at the 65-hour mark and could break my fast! Eating a small amount when breaking a long fast can be easier on your digestive system that has been resting for so long. I ate a small bowl of nuts and a few cheese curds a half hour before eating our big Easter meal. We ate our meal of ham, boiled potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts and green beans, egg bake, raw veggies and strawberry jello salad about 12:30.

While I was dishing up my food I knew I had to get to the bathroom NOW.

Again, I knew to expect digestive distress, but I was not expecting quite what I experienced. I ran back and forth to the bathroom all afternoon. I did not feel unwell or crampy, that stuff just needed to GET OUT. I won't go into more detail, but I think I my extended fast served as the ULTIMATE CLEANSE! Hooray for me! I am fairly certain I have struggled with Candida overgrowth for a long time, and hopefully some of that has died off.

I felt great on Sunday. I only needed to eat that one meal mid-day as I was VERY full after I ate that big meal. I had a few raw veggies with dip and a fruit bar for dinner. I admit I also ate 3 lemon bars Sunday. Man, were they delicious.


I am pretty small, and I still lost 5 pounds in the time I fasted. I know some was water weight that goes with sodium loss, but I know some was belly fat too. I have kept most of it off. My main focus was not weight, but I am fine with saying bye bye to extra fat! I fasted for the experience, and also for the cleanse.


Back to daily fasting of 18-20 hours. Piece of cake! It was so great getting up and knowing I could eat that day. I fasted 19 hours. Fasting in the morning seemed like nothing at all! Still some digestive distress, but feel well.

It is now Thursday, a week after I started my fast, and my digestion is still not quite back to normal. Things are still cleaning out, which is fine by me...

Today I went for my first run since before my long fast. I usually run at least twice a week, but took some time off to let my body deal with the fasting stressor. Because I hadn't run in a while and it was cold, I planned to do a short 3 miles, but once I started, I felt so well with so much energy I decided to do 5 instead. It was a great run!

I'll do it again

I plan to do extended fasts about quarterly. 48-50 hours seems more doable for me so I'll stick with that for my next extended fast. When next Easter rolls around, I'll do another 65-72 hours. The clean out was too good!

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Updated: May 27, 2020

PCOS is a set of symptoms in females brought on by elevated androgens, which are male hormones.​ ​Signs and symptoms of PCOS include irregular or no menstrual periods, ​heavy periods​, excessive body and facial hair,​ acne​, pelvic pain,​ difficulty getting pregnant​, and​ patches of thick, darker, velvety skin​. Associated conditions include​ type 2 diabetes​,​ obesity​,​ obstructive sleep apnea, heart disease​,​ mood disorders​, and​ endometrial cancer.​

Anovulatory cycles are menstrual cycles where no ovulation occurs. 70% of anovulatory infertility is related to PCOS. During a process called follicular arrest, no dominant follicle grows large enough to ovulate. Without a mature egg, conception cannot occur, leading to the devastating realization of infertility, and that one cannot have a baby.

Rates of all pregnancy related complications increase in women with PCOS. Gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, and pre-eclampsia risks triple.​ Risk of pre-term birth is increased by an estimated 75%​ when compared to normal women or those who have overcome PCOS. Women with PCOS are more likely to deliver by Caesarian section, which itself comes with complications.

During normal menstruation, progesterone is produced after ovulation by the remnant of the dominant follicle. Without ovulation, this does not occur and too little progesterone leads to heavy periods and irregularity. This leads clinically to the irregular cycles found in PCOS.

Interestingly, the underlying cause of the anovulation (no ovulation) relates to excessive insulin and testosterone production. Testosterone is mostly overproduced due to high insulin. I will state that again. ​The singular, most responsible culprit for anovulatory cycles is high insulin.

The three defining features of PCOS include polycystic ovaries, anovulatory cycles, and masculine features. All three symptoms reflect the same pathophysiology — too much testosterone, which is ultimately caused by too much insulin.

PCOS is really just another manifestation of metabolic disease, caused by ​too much insulin​. This is crucial knowledge, because if the root cause of PCOS (and obesity and type 2 diabetes) is too much insulin, then the solution becomes quite obvious- decrease circulating insulin.

I can teach you how to do that in my book! The solution is certainly not drilling holes into the ovary. The solution is largely nutritional... decrease processed foods and overall sugary carbohydrates. Then, incorporate long periods of fasting to balance breakdown and storage hormones.

We can achieve this solution by following the steps laid out in my book, Fast To Heal, a 5-Step Guide to Nutritional PEACE.

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and start healing today! It's only $12.95.

If you are overweight and suffer from PCOS, weight loss can usually help. The steps for naturally and sustainably losing weight are laid out in my book, but you can start with this FREE PDF, 5 Habits That Derail Weight Loss and Healing to get an idea about what I teach.

Here is to your health journey,


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Updated: May 27, 2020

The nutrition field is vast and ever-changing. It is extremely difficult to stay up on all the fad diets, research, recommendations, studies and books. I never set out to write my own book, but after learning new science about the hormonal implications of obesity, insulin resistance, and all the diseases that comes with it (type 2 diabetes, metabolic illness, PCOS, prediabetes, heart disease and many more), I felt it irresponsible not to share it with as many people as possible.

After implementing the concepts of intermittent fasting and wiping out processed foods, my clients saw massive success not only with weight loss, but countless other nagging health issues. The funny part was (or maybe not so funny), most of the strategies I recommended for my clients that lead them down the path to wellness were in direct conflict with what I had been teaching for the past 2 decades as a registered dietitian!

I wish I could go back in time and share with my clients what I know now so they could immediately feel better, but I cannot change the past. I can only share with you what I learned from past mistakes, and move forward.

So many of my clients' issues stem from insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, the steps I lay out for you in my book, Fast To Heal, a 5-Step Guide to Nutritional PEACE can help you feel better THIS VERY DAY!

  • Weight gain or obesity, in many cases, decades long

  • Hormonal issues such as low or high blood sugar, hair loss, night sweats, hirtuism, heavy or abnormal periods, infertility

  • Low energy, lack of motivation

  • Food cravings, emotional or binge eating, no appetite control

  • Nagging health and digestive issues that won't resolve

  • Brain fog, lack of mental clarity, forgetfulness

  • Insulin resistance or prediabetes

  • Symptoms of PCOS

  • Autoimmune Illness

  • Frequently being ill

I lay out 5 steps designed to take you around 12 weeks to implement. This is not a quick fix, there are no supplements, no special foods, no counting. You learn how to reverse your illness through natural and innovative nutrition therapy and simple life concepts. I thoroughly explain the science behind fasting, or time-restricted eating, and why it is such a powerful therapy for healing underlying obesity and illness.

Here are the 5 steps outlined in my book:

P- PREPARE your body. I teach you how to clean up your diet so you can implement successful fasting and proper nutrition.

E- EXTEND your fasts. Learn how to get started, how to proceed, how to decide which type of fasting is best for you.

A- ALTER your nutrition. We go into a deep dive about how to balance your meals and couple it with daily fasting, or time-restricted eating. I teach you methods of daily, weekly and monthly variation for optimal nutrition. There are NO special foods or supplements!

C- CLEAN, CHALLENGE and CHANGE- Ensure you are fasting clean, implementing challenge days, and changing things up so your body does not adapt to any one strategy.

E- EASE your mind. We review stress and sleep and how they relate to your overall success.

My program and concepts have helped many people turn their health around, and I want to help you too! Without these concepts, I would still be a frustrated practitioner, with frustrated clients. I would still have daily bloating, canker sores in my mouth, and working like crazy to maintain a healthy weight, constantly worrying about food and how much I exercise.

I don't worry about those things anymore. My clients can manage their weight, appetite, food cravings and nutrition for the first time in their lives. They do this all without counting anything, taking any supplements, or eating special foods.

All the strategies I lay out in my book have helped me and my clients stay in a place of health, saying goodbye to chronic obesity and illness.

Click HERE to order your book and get the help and support you need! For a minuscule investment of $12.95, you will immediately receive a link to the digital form of my book so you can begin reading right now.

Not ready to read the whole book yet? That's OK! You can start by reading my FREE PDF, 5 Habits That Derail Weight Loss and Healing. This will give you an idea of the concepts I teach and how to get started.


I can't wait for you to feel better.

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